Ecstasy tested on traumatized war veterans.

Originally appeared at: MDMA may have earnt its reputation as a ‘party drug’, but now scientists in the United States have found that ecstasy has its benefits for war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Naturally! According to ABC Online, a trial study in the US has concluded that MDMA could help reduce fear in a traumatised vet, enabling them to get more out of their therapy sessions. So, how did the researchers come to this conclusion? By marshalling 20 patients and giving 12 of them MDMA and the other eight a placebo (tough break). Ten of the 12 patients given ecstasy “responded to the treatment”. We can only imagine how. After publishing the results in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, the researchers have been given the go-ahead for a wider study. No word yet on how the researchers are planning to combat the post-ecstasy-stress-disorder in war veterans… This brief article comments on the use of MDMA for treating PTSD in war veterans.