‘Ecstasy, treatment for post traumatic stress disorder.’

Originally appeared at: http://www.epagini.com/2010/07/esctasy-treatment-for-soldiers-suffering-from-post-traumatic-stress-disorder/ Ecstasy, a recreational drug, can be used in treating soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorders, according to researchers from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies in Santa Cruz, California. This type of drug, also known as MDMA, helps patients be less scared during therapy sessions, determining them to become more communicative. Patients have received these pills during 8 psychotherapy sessions. Researchers have noticed that 10 out of 12 volunteers that took the Ecstasy drug have no longer presented the symptoms described in the medical definition of the post traumatic stress disorder. Also, the scientists said that the subjects had no side effects to the treatment. The study was created by researchers from Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies in Santa Cruz, California. Psychiatrist Michael Mithoefer, the coordinator of the project said that, although Ecstasy was used in the past for recreational purposes, world wide psychiatrists often used it during sessions to stimulate the medical progress of their patients. The therapies used in the case of the post traumatic stress disorder were in reliving the trauma, during therapy sessions, and they are not effective if the patient is full of emotions that cannot be processed or if that person is “asleep” emotionally. MDMA helps patients reach an optimum state for therapy and it also helps them to better process the trauma, without being overwhelmed by feelings, Dr. Mithoefer also said.

This article is brief and discusses the MDMA-PTSD pilot study.