Ecuadorian Upper Amazon

Ecuadorian Upper Amazon
March 18 – 24, 2004

A Deep Forest Wilderness and Cultural Sojourn To the Amazanga Community & the Llushin River Wilderness

Plants as Teacher, Traditional Wisdom, & Rainforest Conservation Strategies

This sojourn is a fundraising benefit for Rainforest Conservation. By participating your tuition helps raise funds to purchase priceless, mega-diverse, tropical rainforest directly bordering Sangay National Park. Your tuition also supports people working towards rainforest conservation and cultural heritage renewal and indigenous peoples communities who are making a difference at ground level!

SENTIENT EXPERIENTIALS invites you to an auspicious week-long Rainforest and Cultural Spring Equinox Celebration to the Ecuadorian Amazon!

Meet the Amazanga Community and the Jade Green Lushin River at Sangay National Park, a UNESCO declared World Heritage Biosphere Reserve.


  • Jonathon S. Miller Weisberger – Ethnobotanist, Guide, Interpreter
  • Don Rafael Santi – Amazanga Community Chief, Rainforest and Cultural Master, Architect, Artisan, Herbologist
  • Lucia Vargas – Midwife, traditional Herbologist, Cultural Teacher, Community Matriarch
  • Flavio Santi – Director of the Huanduk Yachai Foundation, Cultural Advocate, Artisan, Musician, Master of Traditional Mythology
  • Eduardo Santi – Artisan and Rainforest Guide, and a whiz in animal tracking and spotting boa constrictors

The spirit of this journey:

Experience a wilderness adventure off the beaten path
Meet the Santi Family, an authentic Quichua Indigenous community, dedicated to making positive change towards Cultural Renewal and Rainforest Conservation
Be part of a Rainforest Conservation Legacy expanding a biological mega-diverse Rainforest Refugia
Have a unique adventure hiking into pristine wilderness rainforest
Celebrate the sight of the sacred Lushin River and it’s crystal clear, pristine emerald waters
Explore the Sangay National Park
Visit distinguished elders and shamans
Sit on a wooden turtle or anaconda carved bench
Have direct experience learning from the plants themselves
Challenge yourself with a traditional plant diet for wisdom and strength
Learn forest ecology, tropical nature & an indigenous worldview counting on its Origin mythology
Befriend rainforest medicinal plants such as de Gato, Sangre de Drago, Chuchuguasu and many others
Engage in healing ceremonies for replenishment and well being
Climb very tall old trees
Soak in hot springs
Engage in lots of laughter

Space is limited to 12 conscientious travelers in good health that can take long, deep forest hikes and live for several days in a traditional manner (without the modern conveniences and values of the techno-world).

Full details are at:

$1,275 USD: Tuition (from Quito back to Quito)
$800: Deposit to reserve your space as soon as possible
Balance due Feb. 18, 2004

Check payable to: Sentient Experientials
Mail to: Sentient Experientials, c/o Dahlia Miller
P.O. Box 1004, El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA