EJewish Philanthropy: Peace, Philanthropy and Psychedelics: A Jewish Lens on the Ascendant Popularity of Psychoactive Substances

Summary: EJewish Philanthropy explores the potential to heal Jewish trauma through the use of psychedelics. Author Esther D. Kustanowitz says, “The use of [psychedelics] can also provide [healing] from mental illness, and to cope with Jewish trauma. Despite the fact that many may still not see the words ‘Jewish’ and ‘psychedelics’ as natural companions, the renewal of interest in psychoactive substances is finding an audience and a group of supporters who are funding medical trials and faith-based explorations.”

Natalie Lyla Ginsberg, M.S.W., of MAPS shares her perspective, saying, “For me, personally, it’s been an incredibly grounding, nourishing, [and deeply] important process to connect to my ancestral songs and traditions that I grew up [with], singing many of these prayers, and then to be able to use them in a really intentional context for my own spiritual growth or healing, has been really powerful.”

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