Evolutionary Research Expedition

The most important thing is that each participant will not only experience the changes happening to himself, but will also receive a visual confirmation of the experience on a computer screen! You will be able to see the changes taking place in your delicate body energies, in the Chakra system and the physical body. This will be accomplished with the help of special GDV devices operated by Dr. K.Korotkov (the devices are able to record and process data from the energy fields of space, the human aura, and determine the vibration frequency of any liquids and plants). We will explore the psycho-emotional, energetic and physical condition of all participants at the The main focus of our journey: Participation in ceremonies with the sacred Ayahuasca and also scientific research of the spiritual transformation process of consciousness with the use of modern GDV equipment with an Electro-Photon Imaging devices developed by visionary biophysicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov from St.Petersburg, Russia (www.korotkov.org) Each participant will receive a full interpretation of what he or she sees. We will also examine the Ayahuasca drink itself on our devices, its vibration frequency and the vibration used in preparing the herbs to ensure that they indeed possess a powerful healing force. We will be investigating the response (reaction and changes) to what is happening during the ceremony of celestial energy.

March 3 – March 9, 2013

Sponsored by Boris Petrovich, Silvia Polivoy & Krishna Madappa

Itacare, Bahia, Brazil