Fox 10 Phoenix News: Scottsdale Doctor Seeks Veterans for PTSD Medical Marijuana Study

Summary: Fox 10 Phoenix News reports on the status of MAPS’ upcoming clinical research into medical marijuana for PTSD in veterans, featuring an interview with Dr. Sue Sisley about the study protocol and participant enrollment. "We have a duty to these veterans to at least put this plant through the rigors of a serious, controlled research trial," explains Sisley.

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A Scottsdale doctor granted federal approval to research the effects of medical marijuana for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is seeking volunteers this summer for the early phase trial of her study.

Dr. Sue Sisley is hoping to screen hundreds of combat veterans and identify a few dozen who may qualify for the research.

The medical marijuana used in the study would be provided by the federal government.

Sisley recently has tried to work with the VA Medical Center in Phoenix to reach out to veterans there, but she’s not being given access to the facility.

In a statement to FOX 10, spokeswoman Jean M. Schaefer says: “The Phoenix VA Medical Center cannot work with Dr. Sisley on her marijuana research study, or on any other research study. All research (sponsored by VA or others) must undergo regulatory oversight, including human subjects protections, for clinical trials conducted in VA with our Veteran population. Dr. Sisley is neither credentialed to practice in VA nor approved by the local research oversight committees to conduct research at Phoenix VAMC. VA considers recruitment of subjects to constitute “engagement” in research, which in turn requires that VA meet all requirements for conducting research at VA, as noted above.”

Schaefer went on to say, “VA is not prohibited from associating with scientists conducting research on marijuana. VA could consider supporting work sponsored by other federal agencies, such as the NIH, if VA investigators apply for funding from these agencies. Significant care and oversight is required for any work involving medical marijuana. Furthermore, any such work must involve the use of highly standardized marijuana, and must be aimed at eventually receiving FDA approval as well as implementation of use into a national healthcare system.”