Free Holotropic Breathwork Introductory Talk and Mini-Breathwork Experience (Los Angeles, CA)

From the event website:

This is a free introduction to Holotropic Breathwork. Holotropic Breathwork experiences range from a) releasing trauma from the past that then allows you to more fully and joyfully experience your life to b) getting more clarity on your path in life to c) feeling a profound sense of inter-connection to nature and the world to d) getting an expanded feeling of compassion and love for yourself and others. Join us for a free introductory talk about Holotropic Breathwork followed by a chance to ask questions. Next, there will be a one hour guided breathing experience for you to get a sense of what breathwork is like. This is not Holotropic Breathwork but uses the same breathing technique and produces similar results. Participants at these intros have reported amazing experiences even from this short, one hour process.

The free event will take place in Venice on Tuesday March 25th at 7:00pm and will end at around 10:00pm. I will e-mail you the address and directions the week before the event.  I will e-mail attendees the address and directions the week before the event. Please e-mail me at: if you would like to attend. Holotropic Breathwork (Holotropic coming from the Greek “moving towards wholeness”) is a healing modality that was developed by Dr Stan Grof to allow participants to experience and get the benefits of the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness (that he discovered through his work with LSD psychotherapy) through the use of holotropic breathing, creative self-expression, and a specially designed three hour musical journey. Participants often report a holotropic breathwork experience that they liken to Joseph Campbell’s *Hero’s Journey*, which is a process of psychospiritual death and rebirth where transformation occurs by the letting go, or “ego death” of an old way of being, and emergence, or “rebirth” into a new way of being.

Comments about Holotropic Breathwork:

“The therapeutic benefits of Holotropic Breathwork are remarkable.  The healing of illness, anxiety, depression and conflict, the release and healing of trauma and abuse, the reintegration with family and community, the opening of compassion, forgiveness, courage and love, the reclaiming of purpose, the finding of our lost soul and the higher insights of spiritual understanding all come spontaneously from the unfolding of this powerful process” – Jack Kornfield, Author of A Path With Heart.

“I have sought out many different transformational experiences in my life, many of which were helpful. But none compared to the Holotropic Breathwork session that I had. It was beyond belief. My mind was forced to take a vacation while my entire being opened to a series of ever richer experiences that helped me to see and understand much about my life. There was ecstasy, joy, sadness and even despair but all was perfect.” – Mary P., a recent participant.;

For more information, visit the event website.