Globes English: A Trip to Better Management Skills?

Summary: A new in-depth report from Globes English explores the use of psychedelics in Israel, highlighting MAPS-sponsored research into treating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with MDMA-assisted therapy. “In recent years, psychedelics have been used in Israel for research into mental disorders and are now also finding their way into the field of psychotherapy. Fifteen people have already been treated with MDMA at six Israeli psychiatric hospitals,” explains Globes English.

The article features an interview with MAPS-sponsored researcher Dr. Keren Tzarfaty about MAPS’ progress with conducting clinical trials in Israel and providing training for psychedelic-assisted therapy. “We’ve just opened the first cohort of a psychedelic psychotherapy program in Israel – a group of 40 therapists with clinical master’s degrees has begun one year of training with the approval and support of the Ministry of Health,” explains Dr. Tzarfaty.

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