Hemp Parade

To all people interested in politics, organisations and parties; we are already close to the year 2013 and the elections in the autumn. The organizational team behind of Berlin’s biggest demonstration for the legalisation of Cannabis as natural resource, medicine and recreational drug, the Hanfparade (Hemp Parade), knows how important the next year is. This is why we have already started to organize this political event. On Saturday the 10th August 2013 we want you to demonstrate with us in Berlin for the legalisation of Cannabis as medicine, raw material and natural stimulant. The demonstration starts at 1 p.m. at Station Zoo, with the motto “My choice: Cannabis legal!” Because of the already heated election campaigns, we have decided to change the route of the rally. We will show up at the biggest german party headquarter, the CDU (christian union). The end of the rally will be next to the Brandenburger Gate, at the Street of 17. Juni.

For more information, please visit the Hanfparade website