Interview with Andrew Feldmar About Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

The World Today Weekend host Sean Leslie interviews MDMA-assisted psychotherapy researcher Andrew Feldmár about past, current, and future psychedelic research. Feldmar illustrates the pathway to approval for prescription use of MDMA and LSD as adjuncts to psychotherapy, shares his optimism about the training of future psychedelic therapists, and explains how treating PTSD with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy can be more effective than currently-approved prescription medicines. “Within half an hour after taking MDMA, you’re present, your heart is open, and you feel no shame. So you can immediately deal with traumatic memories,” explains Feldmar. “It can save 5-10 years in psychotherapy.”

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Everyone knows that mental illness affects thousands of people in our communities. In a study published in the march edition of the journal of nervous and mental disease, researchers said that “LSD can promote statistically significantly reductions in anxiety for people with life-threatening diseases who were near the end of their lives.” And one Vancouver psychologist agrees that LSD is an effective way to work through the struggles associated with mental illness, even though it is illegal to do so in canada. What are the benefits of lsd when it comes to mental illness?