Interview with Philippe Lucas, MA – Ayahuasca Use in Drug Addiction

Listen to the interview here. Philippe Lucas is a Research Affiliate with the Center for Addictions Research of British Columbia and a founding Board member of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studios Canada and the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition. His research interests, projects, and publications include the use of cannabis, ibogain, and ayahuasca in the treatment of addiction. In this interview with Dr. Future (Al Lundell) he speaks especially about his latest research with Ayahuasca and serious addiction treatment with First Nations of Canada and the indigeous Shipibo of the Amazon rain forest. A fascinating cross-cultural success experiment, intersecting Science and Shamanism.. Recorded at the Psychedelic Science 2013 Conference April 18, 2013 in Oakland, California. The Dr. Future Show interviews Philippe Lucas, MA at Psychedelic Science 2013 about scientific research into ayahuasca, cannabis, and other substances.