KCRW/PRI/NPR: The Comeback of Psychedelics in Psychiatry

Summary: KCRW/PRI/NPR broadcasts a special episode about clinical research into psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to treat a variety of medical conditions. Acid Test author Tom Shroder speaks about the history of psychedelic research, MDMA researcher Dr. Charles Grob speaks about MAPS’ study into MDMA-assisted therapy for social anxiety in adults on the autism spectrum, and study participant Jennifer explains how her experience with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in a clinical trial helped her overcome treatment-resistant PTSD. "I was able to work through years and years of trauma and just really come out the other side," explains Jennifer.

Listen to the radio segment here.

Psychedelic drugs declared illegal at the end of the 1960’s are now turning out to have medical benefits after all. We hear about the results of recent studies and the controversy over continued research with LSD, Ecstasy and magic mushrooms.