KJZZ: Organization Encourages Women Interested In Working In The Medical Marijuana Industry

Summary: KJZZ investigates the increasing prominence of women in the expanding legal marijuana industry. The radio program features interviews with MAPS-sponsored marijuana researcher Dr. Sue Sisley and Betty Aldworth of Students for Sensible Drug Policy about the breakdown between men and women in the marijuana industry, highlighting various ways women can contribute to the development of the marijuana industry. “Over the last year, I’ve started to see more and more women leaders emerge in this area,” explains Sisley.

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Women interested in getting involved in the medical marijuana industry will meet tonight in Phoenix. Women Grow launched its Phoenix chapter last month.

Betty Aldworth is a founding member of Women Grow, which started in Colorado. She’s also the Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. She said Women Grow works to empower women working in the cannabis industry wherever it’s legal.

For another perspective on women in the legal cannabis industry, we turn now to Sue Sisley. She researches the effect of medical marijuana on veterans with PTSD, although she’s still looking for a home for that research after her contract was terminated by the University of Arizona.

Sisley said the industry, including the research side, is male dominated but has gotten a little less so as marijuana has become less controversial.