Marijuana More Harmful Than GHB, Ecstasy and LSD Per Recent Scientific Study

Originally appeared at: Don’t pick up that marijuana joint in California just yet if you are hoping for Prop 19’s passage, as a new scientific study shows marijuana is more harmful to you than LSD, ecstasy or the date rate drug GHB, according to the BBC. “Our findings lend support to previous work in the UK and the Netherlands, confirming that the present drug classification systems have little relation to the evidence of harm,” the study report concludes. The findings were the result of studies performed by several prominent UK men who formed the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs. They wanted to remove politics from the equation when evaluating a true drug harm classification system, and in so doing, they discovered that marijuana and alcohol are much more harmful than originally assumed. They could have checked out this article first and known all that without expending any time researching the two drugs at all: Why would anyone want to legalize marijuana? But their desire was to show scientifically that the current drug classification system is riddled with politics as its driving force. Marijuana, alcohol scientific study authors One of the scientific study’s authors is controversial, however, since he is an ex-employee of the UK. In fact, Professor David Nutt was the UK’s former chief drug adviser before they fired him. But he isn’t the only former government adviser who assisted with the study. Dr. Les King was also a member of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, but he wasn’t fired: he quit. The men involved with the latest study that purports marijuana to be more harmful than ecstasy or LSD, expressed their discontent with the way drugs are being classified in the UK in regards to harm levels. They feel their scientific data substantiates a move politically to hide the facts from the general public. Their study purports that not only is marijuana more harmful than LSD or ecstasy, but that alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack, according to the BBC. With the current drive in California to legalize marijuana for the money it would put into state coffers (allegedly), it won’t be likely that Professor David Nutt and Dr. Les King’s research findings will be embraced by marijuana legalization supporters, such as George Soros. Dr. Les King and his fellow members are basically saying that legalization of alcohol (and potentially marijuana) would be foolish considering those drugs do more harm than other drugs do. But just as Dr. King and his fellow scientific community members feel politics is playing a role in the UK in the false classification of drug harm there; George Soros has been said to have a political agenda for pushing for marijuana legalization in the States, spending millions to advertise in the U.S. that marijuana is a “harmless” drug. But the recent scientific findings in the UK substantiate what law enforcement has known all along: all drugs are harmful and none should be legalized. Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars actress who played “Princess Leia” recently said, “I’d be dead if my drug of choice had been legal.” Another article in response to the recent study published by David Nutt which focuses more on the implications for marijuana legalization and drug legalization in general.