NBC News: Psychedelic Therapies are On the Horizon, But Who Will Administer the Drugs?

Summary: NBCNews examines what it takes to prepare the next generation of psychedelic therapists, highlighting the wide variety of universities and schools making an increasing effort to train the therapists and practitioners who could potentially administer them.

“Janis Phelps is on the front line of training those practitioners. A clinical psychologist, she founded and now leads the first accredited psychedelic therapy training program in the U.S. at the California Institute of Integral Studies,” writes author Danica Jefferies.

“A clinical trial conducted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, a nonprofit that raises money for psychedelic research, found that talk therapy with MDMA was twice as effective in treating PTSD, compared with talk therapy alone. The group finished collecting data for its second Phase 3 trial — an advanced stage of drug testing that compares it to existing treatments — in November,” writes Jefferies.

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