News: Breaking Conventions A Multidisciplinary Convention on Psychedelic Consciousness

Originally appeared at: Yesterday saw the announcement of Breaking Conventions – A Multidisciplinary Convention on Psychedelic Consciousness being held at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England, between the 2nd and 3rd of April, 2010. The conference will be centred around four symposia discussing 1) Current research on consciousness and psychedelics at the University of Kent 2) Ecstasy – Its place in medicine, society and politics: A multidisciplinary debate of the relative benefits and risks of MDMA 3) What Does Psychedelic Mean? Organised by PsypressUK friend and contributor Dr. David Luke, and 4) Bold Visions: The Future of Psychedelic Research, organised by our friends at the UKC Psychedelics Society. Speakers already lined up include Drs. Cameron Adams, Rick Doblin (of MAPS) and Andy Letcher; plus writers and researchers like Mike Jay, Paul Devereux, Amanda Feilding and Andy Roberts. There is also an open call for papers that are relevant to the four symposia; for more details and how to submit a paper please visit the website here. They’re expecting approximately six spaces per symposium, plus room in the secondary tracks of workshops and seminars that are running in parallel. This promises to be a very exciting conference and deserves all the support we can give it. To keep abreast of ticket release dates and news please check out the UKC Psychedelics Society website linked above; a dedicated conference website is due to follow. A short story about Breaking Conventions a conference to be held at the University of Kent to discuss current research on conciousness and psychedelics at the university, MDMA and its place in medicine, the meaning of the term psychedelic and the future of psychedelic research. Speakers at this conference include Rick Doblin of MAPS, Andy Letcher, Mike Jay, Amanda Feilding and others.