Psymposia: A Conversation About Intersectionality in the Psychedelic Community

Summary: Psymposia highlights a conversation between activists Leia Friedman and Adele Meower, who share perspectives on inclusivity in the field of psychedelic research and culture. The dialogue explores how marginalized communities are being underrepresented in psychedelic research, and features discussion about possible solutions to better represent people of all backgrounds.

Adele highlights conversations about diversity at the MAPS-sponsored Psychedelic Science 2017 conference, stating, “I can tell you a story about Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland in 2017. SSDP held a community forum called ‘White Allies and Anti-Racist Practice in the Psychedelic Community.’ Ten points to MAPS for incorporating that panel in their programming. But it was held in a tiny room, and only about fifty people fit inside. There was a giant line outside to get in! Most people who wanted to see the discussion couldn’t.”

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