reddit: I participated in the MAPS MDMA/PTSD study and it saved my life. Ask Me Anything

Summary: On March 25, 2015, a study participant from MAPS’ ongoing study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD in Boulder, CO participated in a public Q&A on reddit. The interview generated over 200 comments from the public, and the participant provided more than 120 responses about how her experiences with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy changed her life and relationship with PTSD. "It wasn’t only the MDMA, I can’t stress that enough,” explains the study participant. "My therapists were incredible. They’re knowledgable, thoughtful, insightful people who helped me save my life."

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My PTSD kept me from grieving, which kept me from moving forward in my life, which made me want to die.

I participated in the Boulder MAPS study in 2014 and I am finally experiencing the life saving progress everyone told me was possible.

Please feel free to ask me anything about the trauma, the study, anything. I will try my very best to answer.

Here is a list of only some of the incredible benefits I’ve enjoyed:

– I’m no longer suicidal
– I no longer have violent, sometimes murderous thoughts
– I no longer feel “dead”. Sounds weird, but I was convinced I was a zombie somehow.
– I sleep well with much less frequent nightmare nights
– I no longer despise happy people
– I’m connecting with my family again
– I was engaging in reckless behavior in order to feel something, anything at all. I no longer have to do that. I’m able to enjoy normal things I’ve always enjoyed.
– I don’t have sudden rage outbursts anymore
– I no longer feel my death is necessarily going to happen very soon
– I want things for myself now
– I can see a possible future now
– My flashbacks are almost non existent and rarely throw me into a panic anymore
– My appetite is completely back
– I’m still a bit hyper
– vigilant but NOTHING like I was
– I’m no longer TERRIFIED to step out of my door
– I can hug people again
– I’m actually happy

Two very important things:

  1. I am only advocating the therapy I received. That means pure MDMA measured and administered by a doctor. Continually Assisted by very well educated and experienced therapist, including months of additional talk therapy. I know many of you are desperate, but I wouldn’t want anyone to think I am advocating any kind of use outside of what I stated. Above all, Be safe.

  2. My CAPS score, the score used to diagnose PTSD. My baseline score was 114. At end of study my score was 37. A score under 50 does not qualify for the PTSD study!

Yeah. I just learned that late last night.

I will answer all questions eventually. It’s taking a long time. These are in depth and emotionally wrenching answers. This is so cathartic. Thank you again for the conversation.

Thank you all so much for this great conversation! I have to go pick up my daughter now but I will continue answering questions when I get time. So please keep asking!

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