Reflections on Power and Sexual Ethics in the Ayahuasca World

Please join The Psychedelic Society of San Francisco as we welcome back anthropologist and Ayahuasca researcher, Bia Labate from South America.

Professor Labate will be presenting a new talk addressing the use of Ayahuasca entitled, “Reflections on Power and Sexual Ethics in the Ayahuasca World”

This presentation will combine her intellectual reflections and academic writings with her personal experiences in the field, including:

– Power differentials between the shaman and participants – Ayahuasca and use by women – Gender issues in shamanic cultures – Historical accounts of seduction under the effects of Ayahuasca – Her fieldwork and own personal experiences – Cultural conflicts between Amazonians and foreigners regarding views on sex and gender – The role of cultural and informal controls, as well as communities

After the presentation there will be time to ask questions and share your own experiences on the topic.

Doors – 2:00 pm Lecture – 2:15 pm Q&A – 3:00 pm

The author’s many books and other writings will be for sale after the Q&A.

Saturday Nov 10, 2012 @ 2pm LGBT Community Center – 1800 Market St., Room 301, San Francisco, CA

Visit the Psychedelic Society website for more information. San Francisco, California