San Francisco Weekly: Drug Underdose

Summary: San Francisco Weekly highlights research into the therapeutic potential of microdosing LSD. The study is being conducted by Jim Fadiman, Ph.D., and Sophia Korb, Ph.D., who are presenting their collected data at Psychedelic Science 2017 this April in Oakland, Calif.

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“Fadiman was first introduced to psychedelics in the 1960s by his former professor, Richard Alpert (aka Ram Dass), who gave him psilocybin for the first time. He was later part of a team of researchers that conducted an experiment in which 28 working professionals, many of them senior scientists at various Bay Area tech companies, were given the opportunity to address technical problems they had been working on without success for at least three months — while high on 100 micrograms of LSD,” explains Stephen Jackson of San Francisco Weekly.

“If we gave the study today — and a number of people want to replicate it — it would probably work just as well,” says Fadiman.