Support leading research in Silicon Valley for adults on the autism spectrum

Based on the promising results of a prior study, MAPS is sponsoring a clinical study of MDMA-assisted therapy to treat social anxiety in 12 adults on the autism spectrum. The study explores the safety and efficacy of using MDMA combined with therapy to enhance functional skills and quality of life for autistic adults. 

What is MDMA-assisted therapy?
MDMA-assisted therapy is an innovative treatment that combines therapeutic techniques with the administration of MDMA. The therapeutic method is adapted from techniques that have been effective for adults with an Autism Spectrum diagnosis, and from best practices from clinical research on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. MDMA has been shown to decrease feelings of fear, and increase feelings of well-being, sociability, and trust. Read more about this research.

MAPS is currently working to increase the number of supporters in Silicon Valley, where creativity, innovation, and interest in “funding what works” are a natural fit with our research. In addition to funding research locally, we have opened an office in Palo Alto to better reach our research partners and supporters.

The MDMA-assisted therapy with study participants takes place at LA BioMed at Harbor UCLA. We are asking Silicon Valley residents to fund the part of the study that is located in their community. To help understand the biological effects of MDMA, Dean Carson, Ph.D., and researcher at Stanford University will analyze blood concentrations of several hormones (oxytocin, AVP, and cortisol) hypothesized to be involved in the therapeutic effectiveness of MDMA when combined with therapy. Watch the video to learn more.

Sponsored by MAPS, this study is a collaboration between the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, and researchers at Stanford University.


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We’re asking for your help in raising $10,000 for our study of MDMA-assisted therapy to treat social anxiety in adults on the autism spectrum, to fund MDMA biomarker analysis conducted at Stanford University. Learn more about the research.

Watch the video to learn more about psychedelic science in Silicon Valley.