Tink Tink Club: Episode 40 – Sara Gael

Summary: Tink Tink Club interviews MAPS Harm Reduction Training and Education Coordinator Sara Gael to discuss how she became involved with MAPS’ psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy research and the Zendo Project’s international psychedelic harm reduction services.

Originally appearing here.

Sara Gael is the Harm Reduction Training and Education Coordinator for MAPS and a transpersonal psychotherapist who studied at Naropa University in Boulder. The Zendo Project brings psychedelic education and harm reduction to festivals around the globe.

Could the term “Harm Reduction” be a dated relic of the War on Drugs? To me it implies that harm is always present in substance use and can at best, only be reduced. It is a subtle point, but words and names form reality.

I see this as particularly poignant when applied to Psychedelic use. I can see “Harm Reduction” having relevance when synthetic street drugs and/or injection methods are used.

Alternatives might be:
Psychedelic safety,
Psychedelic best practices,
Harm avoidance,
Health promotion…

I’m very grateful for MAPS, and Zendo – truly fruits of the psychedelic experience bringing growth and healing to western culture!
Thank you Sara Gael!