Valerie Mojeiko and Ibogaine in Arabic News

Originally found at: Arabic to English translation Process may seem to give an addict to heroin dose of a powerful drug with a crazy idea. But this is exactly what a group of scientists these days, and those who believe that strong drug Ibogaine is the best way to rid the addict of addiction. Draw the drug from the plant of Africa with the scientific name Tabernathe iboga, which aroused the interest of researchers since 1962 In that year, discovered Howard Lotsove student at the University of New York, addicted to opium, that a single dose of the drug is still cravings to use drugs without suffering from any disengagements symptoms. Unfortunately, the agency calendar and Drug Administration had classified the drug that causes hallucinations, the article did not carry any medical value, and a strong likelihood of addiction it, which made access to government support to make clinical trials difficult. However, animal experiments showed that the drug promising in medical treatment. Depending on what he says Stanley Glick, director of the Center for Neural pharmacology and neuroscience at Albany Medical College, said the rats addicted to morphine showed a recovery from addiction after weeks of eating Aibogin. Also reported from Mexico and Europe that this drug was effective in healing many of their addiction to various drugs, as there are laws that permit its use in treatment. But despite these successes, the Aibogin lacks scientific support, they followed what you say Valerie Mojeiko, Director of Research in Clinical MAPS non-profit organization in Massachusetts that despite the promising results of a drug is not known exactly how effective a treatment for addiction. From here, the institution charged with the former researcher Claire Wilkins, Director of the Company Bangya Bayoumiedks, conduct the first long-term study to evaluate the effects of the drug in the long term, in a clinic in Mexico, note that patients currently reviewed by the treatment which cost five thousand dollars. Will work and Wilkins to treat 20 to 30 addicted to heroin, as of next year, the Foundation will MAPS to subject such persons to the psychological tests and physical to evaluate the effects of the drug to them, and depending on what he says, a neuroscientist at the University of Miami Debzh comprehensive, the study will assist in the establishment of knowledge about how to describe the property safely. It is noteworthy that a comprehensive treatment so far of this drug in the clinic during the past decade more than 400 addicts, without any side effects. Doctors are looking forward with great hope to get approval and support of government to initiate clinical trials on the property in the United States, which affects about seven million people in the drug addiction, with the cost of up to 181 billion dollars annually, compared to health care and the cost of crime and loss of productivity. This article from an Arabic news source may be the first Arabic article to discuss ibogaine treatment.