MAPS Podcast: Episode 30 - LIVE from LAPSS: Transcending the Medical Frontiers

Originally appearing here.

Recorded live at the first ever Los Angeles Psychedelic Symposium (LAPSS), this hour-long conversation is a lively exploration into what lies beyond the medical applications of psychedelic drugs. This panel includes David Jay Brown, Daniel Pinchbeck, James Oroc, and Ben Stewart. Moderated by Zach Leary.

Based on an article written by David Jay Brown, the panel took on many of the core concepts originally presented in the piece. The science of pleasure, increased creativity, increased problem solving ability, ESP, and psychic phenomena are just some of the potential psychedelia applications touched on by these incredible minds.

Tune in to hear this engaging, funny, and inspiring conversation that opens up the myriad of possibilities on the psychedelic horizon.