Psilocybin: Basic Dose-Response Safety Studies

Investigator: Franz Vollenweider, MD
Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
Sponsor: Heffter
Dr. Vollenweider’s team have completed a series of basic research studies into the dose-response effects of psilocybin on physiological and psychological measures, cognition, sensorimotor gating, sequential behaviour, and brain activity in healthy human subjects. Fifty-six individuals were examined after a range of doses of psilocybin. A paper reporting the effects of placebo, very low, low, medium and high doses of psilocybin (45 -315 mcg/kg) in eight individuals has been published on-line in November 2003 and in print in March 2004. The researchers assessed subjective, physiological and neuroendocrine effects of psilocybin, including an assessment of attention and visual perception, and previous investigations have examined the contribution of serotonin and dopamine transmitter sytsems to producing the subjective effects of psilocybin.