Studies of Salvinorin and Salvia Divinorin Use

Investigators: John E. Mendelson, Jeremy R. Coyle, Juan Carlos Lopez, Matthew J. Baggott, Keith Flower, E. Thomas Everhart, Thomas A. Munro, Gantt P. Galloway & Bruce M. Cohen
Sponsor: Beckley Foundation, anonymous donor
Contact: John E Mendelson
This study was a placebo-controlled, ascending dose examination of the effects of sublingually administered salvinorin A in eight individuals experienced with salvia divinorum. The study was double blind with respect to placebo and 100 μg doses, and single-blind for doses of 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000 μg). Heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation were monitored for up to 4 hours post-drug, and subjective effects were measured with multiple self-report scales. Results are presented in an in-press paper in Psychopharmacology.