Heart Medicine: A True Love Story


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by E. Bast

From the Publisher: Two longtime lovers: spray paint artist, Chor Boogie, and yogini and performance artist, Bast. One shocking drug relapse–after more than a decade clean. Then the disheartening discovery: 90% of narcotics addicts relapse in the first year with standard models of treatment. The lovers navigate the treacherous labyrinth of addiction and ultimately chose to pursue treatment with an obscure indigenous African sacred plant medicine called iboga, used since ancient times for shamanic initiation and spiritual healing, and proven to have powerful addiction breaking effects. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s seems to be worth the try, considering the alternatives. This medicine is only available well beyond the borders of the United States. There is hope for healing, if they can both make it to the shaman in time. As their journey unfolds, it becomes clear that their relationship demands a detox as well. They are brought to a critical crossroads, facing deepening intimacy–or dissolution.

Praise for the Book: “I stayed up and read 200 pages in one sitting! Elizabeth Bast’s writing is so compelling, so present! What a gift she is giving the world with her experience and her exquisite writing. It’s the best kind of modern love story: passionate lovers, spiritual awakening, urban addictions, and the rising power of shamanism and plant medicine to help individuals, couples and families step into a new, more enlivened and powerful paradigm of relating. It’s not only a fascinating read, it has the power to be a vehicle of healing for so many. There are so many folks right now on prescription medication or addicted to drugs (or hey, even playing Sudoku) who are seeking relief from suffering. This is the perfect story to get through to them. And also for those who are already more aware, what an amazing reminder of what is possible and how to realign with what we know to be true. I’m so heartened to know that her story offers true solutions to modern ailments and is now available to the world at large. It’s going to grab people and give them a healing just as they read it.” — Bella Shing, Award-Winning Writer, Director, & Founder of Sweeter Media

About the Author: Elizabeth Bast serves as a writer, poet, yoga teacher, mentor, visual and performance artist, fusion temple dancer, healing artist, and musician. She studied at New College of San Francisco with an emphasis on Art and Social Change. Her blog highlights adventures with yoga, art, activism, natural health, sacred dance, eco-designers, travel, unique subcultures, conscious lifestyles, vegan whole food, all forms of healthy decadence. Since 2007, she has lived and co-created with artist Chor Boogie. Together, they have produced numerous collaborations of visual and performance art at galleries, museums, and special events. They are also educators and advocates for iboga, sacred medicine ways, the Bwiti tradition, indigenous peoples rights, drug policy reform, and holistic addiction treatment. She is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ISBN-10: 0997121300    –    ISBN-13: 978-0997121308

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