Histories of Psychedelic Use in People over 65

A researcher not affiliated with MAPS is collecting histories of people older than 65 who have used psychedelic compounds. This is for a preliminary data collection which could lead to a study looking at whether some psychedelic use might be of benefit to older people. The researcher is looking for people over 65 who:

  • have not used marijuana, or have not done so for 10 years or more
  • are non-smokers (this applies to all substances)
  • have generally good life habits
  • have good levels of exercise
  • are productive and contributing within their social milieu
  • have reasonably good diets
  • have some use of psychedelics in their lives at any age
  • are willing to be interviewed

Names and contact information will be encrypted and replaced with anonymizing IDs for records. Drug use information will be used for research purposes and identifying information will not be given to law enforcement. This is an unfunded preliminary research effort. If interested, contact Brian Hanley, PhD, at brian (dot) paul (dot) hanley (at) gmail.com.