FY 1992 Financial Report

You can read this report in its original form here.
MAPS' total income in FY 91-92 was $28,859.55.

The following categories had no expenditures this fiscal year. Public Relations/Ads, Salaries, Grants, DEA Hearings, MDMA Animal Studies, MDMA Human Studies at Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Yale and in Switzerland, and Medical Marijuana.

* This loan was a no-interest loan made primarily to cover the expenses of the Swiss Conference. The expenses paid for by the loan are largely reflected in last yearns Swiss Conference expenditures of $26,600. Outstanding debt from FY91-92 is a no-interest loan from Rick Doblin made on 4/13/92 in the amount of $400.

Please note, the finandal statement does not reflect a great deal of time donated by Gary Bravo, Charles Grob, Jim McQuade and numerous others in the preparation of the MDMA protocol, by a dedicated graphic designer to the MAPS newsletter, as well as many other volunteers.

As you can see, MAPS has operated on a lean budget this year. The year's primary project has been to secure FDA approval for MDMA research. Everyone who worked on this project donated their time for free and as President, I have taken no salary. Now that we have secured permission to conduct MDMA research, however, the work takes on the nature of a full-time job. People will need to make greater time commitments to the project and will need financial assistance.

I will be taking a leave of absence from the Ph.D. program in Public Policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government to work full time on MAPS. At the last MAPS Board of Directors meeting, I received authorization for a salary of up to $1,000 a month, an amount I hope your contributions will support.

At this time, I am guessing that MAPS will need to raise $120,000 or so to conduct three MDMA research projects. These include two experiments in the US directed by Dr. Charles Grob, one with healthy volunteers and the other with pancreatic cancer patients, and one study in Russia (for which we hope to receive permission soon) to be directed by Dr. Krupitsky using alcoholics as subjects. I will prepare more exact cost estimates after we finalize the protocols, hopefully by October. While I will also seek foundation and government funding, I am less than optimistic at this time. Just giving us permission is a fantastic step forward for the government. I think we will be expected to have proved ourselves worthy by generating solid data before we can expect significant outside funding or government grants. Your financial support, therefore, is decisive. And just think, isn't it much easier to donate money for MDMA research rather than spinal fluid, which is what I have asked for in the past?

MAPS' total expenditures in FY 91-92 were $28,783.62. Balance on May 31,1992 was $897.45.