FY 1993 Financial Report

At the beginning of this fiscal year, MAPS had about 350 members and $897 in the bank. By the end of the fiscal year, MAPS' membership had doubled to 707 and its balance was $46,066 (consisting of $32,066 in cash and $14,000 in receivables related to MAPS' co-sponsorship of the 50th anniversary of LSD conferences-see pages 34-37 and 52-56). Of MAPS' assets, $37,000 is restricted to specific research projects and $9,066 is available for other research projects and general operating expenses. (The expenses associated with this newsletter will reduce MAPS' non-restricted funds to about $6,000.) MAPS' total income grew in FY 1992 from $28,860 (see MAPS Newsletter, Vol III, #3) to $113,962. Growth stemmed from increased membership donations, gross receipts of about $24,000 from admission fees to the 50th Anniversary conferences and, for the first time in MAPS' seven-year history, foundation grants. MAPS would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge with appreciation grants of $30,000 from the Dartington Hall Trust's Nicholas Carr-Saunders Fund (restricted to MDMA research in Russia) and $2,000 from the Tides Foundation's Breath and Smile Fund for general operating expenses.

MAPS' ability to cover its organizational expenses from membership donations permits it to offer donors the opportunity to direct 100% of their donations to research projects of their choice. This strategy seems to me to be the key to MAPS' fundraising success.


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MAPS' total income grew in FY 92-93 to $113,962.MAPS has been pledged $50,000 to support a study comparing smoked marijuana and the oral THC pill in the treatment of the HIV-related wasting syndrome (see page 6). MAPS has also been pledged $15,000 for a study of the effectiveness of water pipes in filtering marijuana smoke (see page 4-5). Since both projects require additional funding, I will ask the donors to make their actual contributions only after I have obtained pledges completely sufficient to fund the studies.


MAPS' total expenditures in FY 92-93 were $68,019.18.Assets at the end of FY 92-93 were $46,066.