Sixteenth International Transpersonal Association Conference

Sixteenth International Transpersonal Association Conference
June 11-18, 2004

Mythic Imagination and Modern Society:
Search for Re-Enchantment of the World
Riviera Resort in Palm Springs, CA

Program Coordinators: Stanislav and Christina Grof
Conference Coordinator: Bob Duchmann

This conference will focus on the importance of myth in modern society. We will explore how the new understanding of the nature and function of myth revealed by the work of C. G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, James Hillman, Mircea Eliade, and their followers has revolutionized the thinking in many areas of modern life. Like previous ITA events, the format of this meeting will combine lectures, experiential sessions, rituals, music, dance, and visual arts. The conference coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Joseph Campbell, the greatest mythologist of the twentieth century.

Some Ideas for Themes to be Explored at the Conference;

  • Re-Visioning of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychotherapy
  • Mythic Imagination in Science
  • Visionary Anthropology
  • Shamanism and the Re-Enchantment of Nature
  • Future of the Body
  • Archetypal Dynamics, Healing, and Transformation
  • The Gaia Theory and Deep Ecology
  • Feminism and Return of the Great Mother
  • Mythic Elements in Business and Economy
  • Archetypal Forces in the World of Politics
  • Art and the Imaginal World
  • Myth and New Perspectives in Entertainment
  • The Imaginal and Its Relation to Spirituality and Religion
  • Archetypal Psychology and Astrology
  • Ancient and Native Prophecies
  • Cosmology and the Creation Stories
  • Global Crisis and the Search for A New Myth