16th International Transpersonal Conference

June 12-18, 2004. Dr. Stan Grof and the International Transpersonal Association (ITA) organized the “16th International Transpersonal Conference,” at Palm Springs, California. MAPS sponsored a series of talks on psychedelic research, which we have digitized and made available for your listening pleasure. Talks include:

The Psychedelic Research Panel: A Vision for the 21st Century, with Rick Doblin, John Halpern, Michael Mithoefer, Charles Grob, Valerie Mojeiko, Jill Stammer, Sandra Karpetas, and Randy Hencken.

Charles Grob, Harbor UCLA, on Hallucinogens and Transpersonal Medicine.

Dr. Francisco Moreno, U. of Arizona, Tucson, on Effects of Psilocybin in Patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dr. John Halpern on Transpersonal Psychopharmacology: The Re-Emergence of Sacred Sacraments as Modern Medicines.