February 20-21 Ibogaine Forum-New York City
(Sunday Noon-7 PM, Monday 10 AM – 7 PM)
Location: Alex Grey’s Gallery
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
540 West 27th Street, Fourth Floor
Registration: $20 per day
Sponsored in part by: CURESnotWARS
(212) 677-7180, info@cures-not-wars.org
Speakers include:
Rommel Washington, Benu Project
Dana Beal, author, The Ibogaine Story
Carl Ruck, PhD, author, The Apples of Apollo
Bwiti Nganga Awolowo Johnson, sociologist
Rev. Ron Sala, Unitarian
Rob Gordon, Cures Not Wars
Howard Lotsof, Patrick Kroupa, Dimitri Mugianis
Adam Nodelman, Chris Laurance and Andrea Aplementos

Screening of Ibogaine: Rite of Passage with Ben De Loenen
Carl Anderson, PhD
Jeffrey Kamlet, MD, with intro by Patrick Kroupa
Kenneth R. Alper, MD
Emmanuel Onaivi, PhD
John Freelander
Vic Hernandez, PhD, Chris Laurance, Jason Farell, Richie D.