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MDMA-assisted therapy can help heal psychological disorders and trauma. Learn about our studies and find resources like our Investigator’s Brochure and treatment manual.


Cannabis treatment shows progress for symptoms of PTSD in war veterans.


A pilot study of LSD-assisted therapy demonstrated a reduction in anxiety among people with a life-threatening illness.


New Zealand and Mexico studies show ibogaine can help opioid and alcohol addiction.


Our study suggested ayahuasca-assisted therapy may be useful for treating drug addiction.

What you need to know

A Microdose of Education Before Diving In.
  • From sacred rituals to counterculture movements, psychedelics have had one strange trip. Now, our research shows their potential goes beyond public perception.
  • Psychedelic compounds can be found in naturally-occurring organisms, like psilocybin mushrooms, or synthetic drugs, like LSD.
  • The earliest recorded psychedelic experience dates back to ancient Greeks.

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