Entheogenesis 2: From Darkness Back to Light
Rediscovering The History Of Psychoactive Substances
Vancouver BC Canada
Simon Fraser University’s Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue
May 21-23, 2005
This years theme is “From Darkness Back to Light” and will have a focus on the use of
entheogens from the time of the Dark Ages, when these substances were widely surpressed
and were limited to occult use following up to our modern age of information when the
entheogens returned to their former popularity.

Featured Speakers: Dr. Michael Aldrich, Prof. Susan Boyd, Prof. Francis Thackeray, Prof. Carl
Ruck & Prof. Blaise Staples, Kenneth Tupper, Chris Bennett, Renee Boje, Allan Piper,
Rev.Damuzi, Michael Horowitz & Cynthia Palmer, Martin A. Lee and Phil Lucas.