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  • Consciousness and the Spirits of Nature
    Presented by Heart of the Initiate
    Bahia, Brazil
    May 21 – June 27, 2005

    We welcome you to a series of one and two week experiential workshops, in an extraordinarily beautiful setting along the coast of Bahia, located approximately 700 miles north of Rio de Janeiro. During each week we will be hosting three ayahuasca journeys along with lectures on this plant medicine, it’s history, and healing properties on the body. We have found that "the medicine" and the heart opening process work together synergistically, allowing us to very quickly move past our self imposed limitations. We will spend the week exploring and opening the subtle doorway through the heart energy and into the inner trans-dimentional worlds long forgotten by mankind. This is the path back to remembering your true divinity and awakening of the true self. As we work through our old, limiting patterns, we begin to heal and reclaim our lost power.

    Guest Facilitators and Staff:

    Ralph Miller – Respected facilitator Ralph Miller utilizes the gifts of our Earth Mother to awaken the Truth and Proof of our real selves. His gentle, quieting stillness creates a soothing and safe environment necessary to reach the depth of our inner being. It is here that you are awakened to the true you; opening your eyes and mind to the many hidden dimensions that surround us.

    Kajuyali Tsamani – Step into a tradition where the shaman will lead you to his world of the supernatural. Initiated by the legendary Kogi Indians of Northern Colombia, Kajuyali Tsamani will host an interactive ayahuasca experience with drumming, singing, dancing and movement.

    We have chosen a beautiful and comfortable beach front property on the coast of Bahia, Brazil. We will have exclusive and private use for our stay and includes 10 bungalows, a restaurant, which we’ll have full use of, and swimming pool. Creating it’s own little village, the buildings are individually designed and constructed of local raw materials and carefully inserted into the rainforest. Some of the buildings are almost 3 meters high offering stunning views of the sea and surrounding jungle, giving the sensation of being in treehouses. A shallow and gentle Atlantic Ocean, which in its low tide reveals up to 200 meters of nearly deserted white sand beach and natural pools, meanders by, providing us a place to relax and play.

    For booking and additional information please visit our website at www.heartoftheinitiate.com.