Letters to the Editor/The New York Times

From: Michael Simmons
To: Letters to the Editor/The New York Times

I applaud John Tierneys expose on the federal governments refusal to authorize scientific research on medical marijuana. However there is one glaring error. As I chronicled in the October 2001 issue of Penthouse in my article The Gang That Couldnt Grow Straight” – the story that Peter McWilliams choked on his own vomit is a myth. My article was recently updated and re-published in a drug war anthology called Under The Influence (Disnformation Books). In the update I quote Billy Rader, Mr. McWilliamss friend who discovered his body, as saying that the vomit story is fallacious. The coroners report stated that Mr. McWilliams died of a heart attack. Nobodys quite sure how this myth started, but it continues to be erroneously repeated as fact.