September 16,17,18
Earthdance 2005

Laytonville, CA – USA

The Earthdance event in Laytonville is one of over 150 global events celebrating peace on September 17, 2005, and this year members of MAPS will be attending.

Earthdance, the Global Dance Festival for Peace has grown to become the world’s largest simultaneous music and dance event. Founded in 1997, with 22 cities and 18 countries participating, Earthdance events have occurred in over 240 cities in 50 countries, with locations ranging from the club-lands of New York to the rainforests of Brazil. Every year, in alignment with the International Day of Peace, over 200,000 people unite in dance with hundreds of thousands more joining online in support of global peace and humanitarian aims.

Please visit the Earthdance International Website at: to see what cities are participating in 2005, to find out which charities are being supported, and to find out more about the Global Webcast.