MAPS-Sponsored MDMA/PTSD Co-Therapists wil

MAPS-Sponsored MDMA/PTSD Co-Therapists will Travel to MAPS Training Seminar in Austria, June 25 July 1, 2009:

MAPS has finalized plans and chosen a time and location for our first five-day MDMA/PTSD therapist training retreat for MAPS-sponsored researchers. The event will take place at the end of June in the Austrian mountains, where its off-season, reasonably priced, and more-or-less centrally located for therapist teams and MAPS staff coming together from the US, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, and Jordan.

Michael Mithoefer, MD and Annie Mithoefer, BSN, the co-therapist team from MAPS successfully completed U.S. MDMA/PTSD pilot study, will share techniques and results with the other therapists. June May Ruse, PhD, will present the principles in our treatment manual, which she is developing with feedback from our research teams.

The therapeutic outcomes in our US study were remarkable. In order to increase the chances that other co-therapist teams can replicate these results in MAPS other studies, Michael and Annie will present videotapes of their sessions and lead discussions about lessons theyve learned. The Swiss and Israeli co-therapist teams, who have treated some subjects but havent completed their studies yet, will also lead presentations about their results and methods. We will also discuss cultural differences, research methodology, and other treatments for PTSD and their similarities and differences from MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. We will have time for a breathwork session and opportunities for informal sharing. MAPS staff will be creating podcasts and writing blogs from the training seminar to keep our members and other interested parties informed of the valuable information that comes from it.

This private retreat will also serve to inform MAPS 2010 conference, which is open to medical professionals, MAPS members and the general public.

This therapist training program, the first of its kind, will cost about $20,000. Were currently looking for one or more donors willing to underwrite this historic gathering. If you are interested in learning more about MDMA/PTSD therapy, please write to and she will put you on a list to receive information about future training opportunities.