Canadian Study: MDMA/PTSD Study Gets Green Light from Health Canada

On March 17, Health Canada issued a No Objection Letter for MAPS’ Canadian MDMA/PTSD study. This means that the Canadian protocol and the MDMA that will be used in that study (from Switzerland) have been completely approved by Health Canada. On April 2, Dr. Ingrid Pacey applied for her Section 56 exemption, equivalent to a DEA Schedule 1 license. This license will permit her to possess and handle MDMA for the study. Once she has obtained her Section 56 Exemption, probably within the next month, MAPS can proceed to acquire the necessary import/export permits for shipment of the MDMA from Switzerland to Canada. MAPS monitoring team has scheduled their first pre-study visit to discuss logistics with the team on May 9. If all goes smoothly, we anticipate starting the study within the next 2-3 months.

This study is budgeted at $250,000, all of which remains to be raised.