MDMA/PTSD Paper Completed and Sent for Friendly

MAPS is pleased to share that after months of work, our research team has completed a scientific paper that reports the remarkable results from our US MDMA/PTSD pilot study. Dr Michael Mithoefer, Annie Mithoefer, BSN, Ilsa Jerome, PhD, Mark Wagner, PhD, and MAPS President Rick Doblin, PhD, with assistance from statistician Yvonne Michel PhD, spent tremendous effort preparing the paper for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. We have now sent out the paper to several friendly reviewers for informal critique. We will incorporate the feedback we get from these reviewers and then submit the paper to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. This is a major milestone for MAPS and the legitimacy of psychedelic psychotherapy. When the paper is published in a peer-reviewed journal, MDMA-assisted psychotherapy will gain credibility among the scientific community and subsequently the general population. We have not yet released the paper to our readership, but keep checking back on our monthly email update to read about the results of this historic study.