Canadian Study: Awaiting MDMA Import License

IRB Services, the Canadian IRB that we are working with, has approved the changes to our MDMA/PTSD protocol that were made by Health Canada. MAPS Canadian MDMA-assisted psychotherapy PTSD study is now at the stage of seeking to import the research-grade MDMA into Canada. MDMA has never been legally imported to Canada before, so the process is a little slow. MAPS is working with a pharmacist who has applied for the license to import and we hope the approval will take place swiftly but we have no idea how long this process will actually take. When the license to import has been obtained, we can go forward with obtaining the specific import/export permits to ship the MDMA from the manufacturer in Switzerland to the pharmacist in Canada. Once the MDMA arrives in Canada, we can start enrolling subjects.

On Friday May 8, Valerie Mojeiko and Josh Sonstroem of MAPS Clinical Research Team, went to Vancouver to conduct a pre-study site visit. They met with co-therapists Ingrid Pacey, MD and Andrew Feldmar, PhD along with other site staff. This visit was necessary to ensure that data will be collected in manners compliant with FDA and Health Canada guidelines and that procedures will follow the protocol and IRB rules.

We are seeking a research assistant to help with this study 10-20 hours per week who lives in Vancouver and has prior research experience. Please view our job posting for more information.