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Resources for Working with Difficult Psychedelic Experiences
MAPS PsyEMS Overview
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Sanctuary Application and Reading List
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MAPS PsyEMS Overview

Sanctuary is a safe space created by the Black Rock City Rangers, Burning Man’s girl/boy-scout-like non-confrontational mediators, to temporarily shelter people who are having a tough time at the event, including many having challenging or difficult psychedelic experiences. MAPS supplies volunteers for Sanctuary who are interested in sitting for people undergoing difficult experiences, psychedelic or otherwise.

MAPS PsyEMS Background Documents

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BM Sanctuary Application, Manual, and Reading List

Download the Sanctuary Manual here as a PDF

Click here to view MAPS Guidelines for working with Difficult Psychedelic Experiences

Click here to visit MAPS info for Students Webpages

Resources for Working with People having Difficult Psychedelic Experiences

For more general information please visit the webpage for MAPS’ Rites of Passage Project.
Visit our Working With Difficult Psychedelic Experiences page for additional info.
Click here to watch an informative video about Working With Difficult Psychedelic Experiences produced by MAPS.

MAPS PsyEMS Related Links
Valerie Mojeiko’s PsyEMS Powerpoint from the 2008 World Psychedelic Forum.
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