Database for U.S. MDMA/PTSD Long-Term Follow-Up Study Finalized

MAPS’ clinical research team completed their review of the data from our flagship MDMA/PTSD study. On Nov. 10, the team closed and locked the database, officially bringing the data collection phase of the study to an end. Now that we have the final data set, the research team can analyze the data and write a paper for submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Twenty of 21 subjects from the study successfully completed the long-term follow-up study and, and the review showed that the benefits were maintained over time. This is especially significant because these subjects were all treatment-resistant, meaning they had tried other medicines and therapies without relief. Additionally, of the subjects who were seeing a therapist prior to the experiment, 45% were no longer seeing a therapist at the time of the follow-up survey; and 55% of the subjects who were previously receiving psychiatric medications were no longer taking them.