Kynthias Sandbox

Hi, frenz! 👋

I made some webinar registration forms, and it is my understanding that you are now going to create pages that link to and/or contain them. 😍

There are 7 forms overall:

  • one for each Session,
  • one for the Series Pass.

There are three different ways that the forms can be utilized:

  1. as links to pages that are hosted elsewhere,
  2. as popups,
  3. embedded directly in the page.

There are two basic ways that the forms can be formatted:

  • “Card” Style (one question per page; rounded corners)
  • “Classic” Style (more questions per page; corners probably could be rounded, but it would take more work 😉

After some experimentation, I am recommending that we:

  • EMBED the CLASSIC STYLE form for the Series Pass.
  • Make buttons that trigger the CARD STYLE POPUP for each Single Session Pass

I put a ⭐ next to my recommendations, and you can pull the embed code from the source of this page.

You can ignore my recommendations if they conflict with your existing planz, and I am providing examples of the different options below so you can make up your mind.

🥳 Have fun, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

For the Series Pass:

Series Pass – Direct Link

Series Pass – Popup

⭐ Series Pass – Embedded: ⭐ <-- RECOMMENDED

For the Single Sessions:

Single Session “Card” Style – Hosted Link

Single Session “Card” Style – Popup ⭐ <-- RECOMMENDED

Single Session “Card” Style – Embedded:

Here are the popup links for each of the sessions, to make life easier if you decide to follow my recommendation there:


  • It is possible to create a “Classic” version of the single sessions, if you prefer that to the card; I just didn’t do it because it looks just like the Series Pass, at that point.
  • It is possible to create a “Card” Style version of the Series Pass, if you prefer that to the “Classic; I just didn’t do it because it looks just like the Session Pass, at that point.
  • It is possible to change the font/color scheme/style of EITHER form, if you would like to request changes; I just started with MAPS colors and kept it basic.
  • All of the forms live at, in the account associated with MY email, and the login information is in the “Operations and IT General” Vault in 1Pass
    • There is another account listed in 1Pass with the username “mapsoperations” for reasons that I cannot explain. Ignore this account. I am working on upgrading mine so that it is for more general use, and canceling the other one.
    • I am providing the login info in case you want to go in and access the forms yourselves, or you need code that I haven’t provided and I am unresponsive for some reason, but I am happy to make edits and pull code for you, so please check with me first!

Thanks! 🙏