New Zealand Ibogaine Study Receives Generous Donation

On January 11, 2013, Principal Investigator Geoff Noller, Ph.D., reported that our ongoing observational study of ibogaine treatment for opioid dependence in New Zealand had received an additional donation of about $10,000 from Matt and Kristi Bowden’s Stargate International Trust. The grant, which follows the Bowdens’ earlier $25,000 donation to MAPS-sponsored ibogaine projects in New Zealand and Mexico, could not have come at a better time, says Dr. Noller. “With the study gaining momentum, we’re beginning to draw participants and interest in general, from around the country. While this is great news for ibogaine research in New Zealand, it also means extra resources are required, as each participant must be introduced to the study and then followed up on a monthly basis.” Ideally the research team aims to meet with each potential participant before their treatment, to build rapport for what will hopefully be a 12-month relationship between researchers and subjects. Despite recruitment starting slowly in 2012, the recent increase in interest suggests the target of between 20 to 30 participants will be met, although the initial 18-month recruitment period may be extended to two years.