This Week In Drugs: This Time It’s Entheogenic (Podcast)

Summary: This Week In Drugs interviews MAPS Policy and Advocacy Manager Natalie Lyla Ginsberg about psychedelic therapy research, the politics surrounding marijuana, and how her work with MAPS affects drug policy.  "With MDMA therapy, it’s really an empowering healing process where the participant has lots of realizations and new perspectives on their trauma and their life." explains Ginsberg. "It really comes from the participant rather than the therapist.” 

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Natalie Ginsberg, Policy and Advocacy Manager for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), joins Rachelle and Sam to discuss the latest happenings in psychedelic research.

News Updates:

  • Maine marijuana legalization bid fails to qualify for ballot
  • Supreme Court to discuss Nebraska/Oklahoma lawsuit against marijuana legalization in Colorado
  • Massachusetts craft beer distributor to pay $2.6 million fine in pay-to-play case
  • Victim of botched drug raid in Georgia to receive $3.6 million in settlement


  • Florida legislature passes bill allowing state’s first needle exchange
  • Puerto Rico governor calls for legalizing marijuana
  • Obama administration bans e-cigarette use on all flights
  • Virtual reality ‘heroin cave’ aimed at helping addicts kick habit


  • Keep an eye out for the Supreme Court ruling on Nebraska and Oklahoma v. Colorado
  • 3/18-3/22: National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference

Drug of the Month:

PCP, installment one (introduction)

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Host a Psychedelic Dinner Party

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Intro: Db by Spencer Rudnick
Transition: Breakdfw by Stephen Duke
Transition: Time and Place by Free the Mammoth
Outro: Oxygen by Joseph Wright