Zendo Project: Virtual Support and Dialogues at Burning Man 2020, Fall Webinars

Virtual Burning Man 2020: The Multiverse

In the absence of a physical event, this year’s Burning Man event was held across eight virtual platforms, celebrating the theme “Multiverse.” Zendo Project created a Burning Man-themed homepage (which will be featured for the entire month of September), a new resources webpage (a collection of hotlines, manuals, websites, and other online resources), and featured our iconic cardboard yurt structure in the Infinite Playa and AltSpace VR platforms.

On Sunday, September 6th, the Zendo Project collaborated with the Empyrean Temple Experience to offer virtual peer support before, during, and after the virtual Temple Burn. Our superstar volunteers gave support to those who needed some human connection, and our greeters welcomed additional guests who just wanted to stop in and inquire about and give appreciation to the work we’re doing for the community. We were honored to be part of the virtual Temple experience, and connect with our playa community through these challenging times.

A deep well of gratitude to all our amazing speakers who contributed to the EntheoGeneration speaker series at the virtual Burning Man event this year. A huge thank you to our psychedelic elders: Jim Fadiman, Dennis McKenna, Allyson Grey, Alex Grey, and Annie Oak, as well as our psychedelic leaders: Kwasi Adusei, Undrea Wright & Charlotte James (of The Sabina Project), Ismail Ali (of MAPS), and visionary artist Amanda Sage, for contributing their insights, wisdom, and personal passions and purpose to this ongoing community dialogue. Visit https://entheogeneration.community for more information about the speakers and the series.

The EntheoGeneration videos can be watched on YouTube via the links below:

Individual Link:https://youtu.be/tV_B1LyqUBc
Relational Link:https://youtu.be/83g7IOzX5sY
Planetary Link:https://youtu.be/hxWAGQtdOjw
Cosmic Link:https://youtu.be/LjHEOQUU4VQ

Zendo Project will be launching a 5-part webinar series this October, with the first webinar session in the series a free offering from Zendo Project staff. The webinar goes from Oct 22 through November 19, with regular occurrence on Thursday afternoon at noon Pacific. We’re still getting our final speaker list confirmed, though our general themes include:

  1. Zendo Project: Psychedelic Peer Support: Compassionate Care for Difficult Times
  2. Psychedelic Decriminalization
  3. Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Peer Support in BIPOC Communities
  4. Harm Reduction, Psychotherapy & Psychedelics
  5. Integrating Psychedelics into Society