MDMA Therapy Training Program Update: March 2021

The MDMA Therapy Training Program is completing our redesign of training curriculum, and we are excited to re-open admissions to the MDMA Therapy Training Program and launch our first training for 2021 in the Spring. This 100-hour program consists of live presentations, video case presentations, roleplay, scenario enactments, self-reflection activities, group and dyad activities, reading, writing, coursework, and creative projects. Small groups, facilitated by MAPS Trainers, meet regularly throughout the program and provide a container for discussion, integration, process, and practice. Trainers and assistants are available to support trainees throughout the program.

The MDMA Therapy Training Program is committed to addressing mental health disparities in psychedelic psychotherapy as well as trauma treatment, especially those facing the most marginalized communities. In a commitment to address the current lack of diversity in psychedelic research, qualified clinicians from and serving communities of color, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, military populations, and other marginalized or underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply. Thanks to the MAPS Health Equity Fund, the MDMA Therapy Training Program is able to offer a scholarship program to train therapists who identify as Indigenous, Black, Latinx, people of color, those who come from refugee or immigrant communities, LGBTQIA+ individuals, people with disabilities, individuals who work in rural communities, and/or who are economically marginalized.

The Health Equity Fund scholarship program offers full and partial (50%) scholarships toward tuition fees for the MDMA Therapy Training Program.

To learn more about the MDMA Therapy Training Program including dates and details for our Spring training, please visit our website. To receive updates on upcoming trainings and training program admissions, sign up for the MDMA Therapy Training Program Newsletter.Learn More