Northstar Sleep School Podcast: Berra Yazar-Klosinski: Psychedelic Therapy for PTSD, Sleep, and More

Summary: Berra Yazar-Klosinski, Ph.D., of MAPS and MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC) joins Northstar Sleep School’s podcast to share progress updates about MAPS’ research and consider the impact of psychedelics and cannabis on sleep.

PTSD often negatively affects sleep, and Dr. Yazar-Klosinski explains that 63% of participants in a past MAPS-sponsored trial of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD reported improvements in measures of sleep 45 months after receiving treatment.

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At the non-profit MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), Berra Yazar-Klosinskihe oversees research on the risk/benefit profile of psychedelics in compliance with the global regulatory landscape. In this episode, we hear more about how various psychedelics- such as MDMA and cannabis- have been successful in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD), sleep disorders, and more.